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The CFS (Carton Flow System) is a versatile flow rack system for the storage of cartons, plastic totes and other small load carriers. The totes move by gravity on roller tracks in dedicated channels from the loading side to the retrieval side.

Advantages over conventional racking systems:

  • High space utilization, as only two aisles are needed Decoupling of loading and retrieval Reduction of picking times due to short distances.
  • System-dependent FIFO principle (First in, First out).
Advantages of the Fluxus Solutions CFS
Bed widths are freely selectable up to 3,000 mm. Bed widths up to 3,600 mm possible.
Can be installed in any racking system using universal connectors, also in existing pallet racks.
Very high weight loads per level possible, can be > 200 kg per sqm.
Very simple and quick assembly of the beds due to reduction of components.
Very simple and quick insertion of the roller tracks into the comb profi l. Subsequent changes are easily possible.
Rollers on stable steel axles.
The roller colours are selectable: white, yellow, red, grey, black.
Special roller tracks are available for deepfreeze areas and in antistatic design.
Channel dividers made of plastic in white, other colours are also available. Special dividers made of sheet metal, powder-coated in RAL-colours, height up to 350 mm. Entry guides as replacement for dividers, powder-coated in RAL-colours.

Carton flow bed type A, full length roller tracks

  • The simplest design of a carton flow bed when no special ergonomics are required.

Carton flow bed type C, more angled unloading tray.

  • The unloading tray plate has a slightly greater angle of approx. 12° compared to the roller tracks, the gripping ergonomics into the carton at the removal station is therefore more favourable.

Securing the position with plastic bungs.

  • The plastic bung prevents the roller track from moving backwards in an uncontrolled manner and thus from falling out. To remove a roller track, the bung must be removed.

Interlocking of the unloading tray.

  • The support beam on the rear side of the tray and the sheet itself are interlocked by cut-outs and thus form a solid unit.

Connector, fits on every rack type.

  • This connector is used to attach the flow bed to the racking uprights.

Carton flow bed type B, slightly angled unloading tray.

  • The tray is only angled within the side profile, the angle depends on the tray depth. The gripping ergonomics are thus more favourable, and the tray acts as a friction brake for the stored goods.

Quick and secure fastening of the roller track.

  • By inserting the roller track into the serrations of the front and rear profile, the lateral fixation of the roller track is ensured. Position lock with plastic locking bung. The locking bung prevents the roller track from moving backwards in an uncontrolled way and thus from falling out. The locking bung must be removed in order to remove a roller track.

Fastening in the front profile.

  • The roller track is inserted into the interlocking in the front profile and thus secured against lateral displacement.

Fastening in the removal plate.

  • The roller track is inserted into the interlocking of the support profile for the removal plate and thus secured against lateral displacement.