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Pallet Flow System (PFS)

The Pallet Flow system is a very compact racking system for pallets and other large load carriers. Storage takes place according to the FiFo principle (First in, First out). The FXS Dynamics PFS consists of a pallet racking system adapted for this purpose with gravity roller conveyors built into it.

These usually have a gradient of approx. 4%. The pallets are placed on the rearmost pallet position, directly on the loading side, using a suitable fork lift truck. From there, the pallet runs with the slope of the track either to the removal point or until it reaches other pallets already in the channel.

Here the pallet is gently slowed down. When the foremost pallet is removed, the remaining pallets move forward by one storage space, driven by gravity, and are thus ready for the next retrieval process. A pallet separating device between the foremost and the second pallet position ensures unloading without accumulation pressure. Our tried and tested brake rollers ensure that the pallets move at a controlled speed and stop gently at the end stop.

Advantages and application of the Pallet Flow System
Constant access to the stored goods in the FiFo principle (First in First out).
Better structuring of warehousing processes and thus increase productivity by up to 30 %.
Compatible with all common racking systems.
Use existing storage space up to 80 % more effi ciently.
Can be used with Euro, Chep and half pallets, and even with one-way pallets if the pallet quality is suffi cient.
Pallet weights: 80 to 1,200 kg (higher weights possible on request).
Frequent applications: • Buffer storage in production, incoming & outgoing goods. • Finished goods / shipping warehouse for goods suitable for the LiFo principle.
Pallet Flow System (PFS) in detail

Idler roller

  • Round tube diameter 60 mm galvanised with two semiprecision bearings on stub axles.
  • Up to a load capacity of 240 daN.

Stopper unit

  • Forms the gap between the first and second pallet to ensure a pallet removal with zero accumulation pressure.
  • Can also be used as an intermediate separator in systems with high accumulation pressure.

Side profiles

  • U- and L-Profile made of band galvanised material with a high material quality as well as a material thickness of 3 mm for a maximum static load.

End stop

  • Ensures that no load can be pushed beyond the end of the track.

Connecting bracket

  • For fixing the roller track segments to the support beams of the racking system.
  • Fast and easy assembly.
  • Suitable for every racking system.

Mounting bracket

  • For fixing the first and last rollertrack segment on a conventional rack beam
  • Fast and easy assembly.
  • Available for almost all racking systems.

Full width segment:

  • For operation by a fork truck with a tilting mast.

3-track segment:

  • For operation by a fork truck with a non-tilt mast (e.g. AGV).

Brake roller

  • Round tube diameter 80 mm galvanised with a semi-precision bearing, as well as a special brake roller transmission.
  • Keeps the pallet speed constant and ensures a gentle stop of the load carriers at the end stop.
  • Optionally also available in friction coating version.

Switching roller unit

  • Triggers the impulse for the stopper unit to run the second pallet to the removal position and to form a gap between the fi rst and second pallet.
  • Design for full width, 2-track and 3-track unloading segments possible.


  • Serves to brace the roller conveyor segments.
  • The newly developed shape ensures the parallelism of the side profi les. This simplifi es assembly and ensures the straight running of the load units.

Hinge for tiltable floor tracks

  • Optionally, the lowest level of the roller tracks can be fi tted with hinges that allow the tracks to be folded upwards for cleaning purposes.
  • This is often absolutely necessary, especially in the food industry.

Angle support beam

  • Serves as a robust end stop and is also recommended as a support crossbar for the foremost and rearmost roller conveyor segment.
  • Approx. 100 mm space saving in height compared to standard support beams.
  • Available for almost all racking systems.

Wheel stop rail

  • Protects the entire racking system from collision damage by the fork truck and incorrect operation due to the forks being retracted too low.
  • Supports the operator in the safe operation of the system.

2-track segment:

  • For operation by a fork truck with a non-tilt mast (e.g. AGV).

Pallet Flow System (PFS)