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Gravity roller conveyors (GRC) are high-performance, fl oor-level conveyor systems that use gravity to drive pallets and operate on the fi rst in - fi rst out (FiFo) principle.

There are no motors to move the pallets, instead gravity takes over this function. Conveyor roller conveyors are suitable for heavy-duty applications with high pallet throughput, e.g. for tour provision in the shipping area.

Functional Description

Gravity roller conveyors are loaded with pallets on the loading side by means of automatic storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) such as transfer cars, electric monorails or automatic stacker cranes. Due to the slope of the lanes, the pallets run from the infeed to the outfeed point. If a pallet is removed, the next pallet automatically follows - so the goods are always available.

The organization of the warehouse according to the FiFo principle ensures permanent warehouse movement, since the fi rst pallet fed onto the gravity roller conveyors is also the fi rst to run to the removal side. Among other things, this method is particularly suitable for a fast loading process of trucks or for effi cient picking.

Advantages of gravity roller conveyors
Productivity enhancement.
Connection to WMS possible.
Low maintenance and operating costs.
No energy consumption.
High cost-effectiveness, ROI (return on investment) in a few years.
Less manpower needed to transport the pallets.
Reduction of CO2 emissions due to lower number of forklift trucks.
Increased safety due to reduced forklift traffic.

Side profile

  • U and L profiles made of high qualiy 3 mm pregalvanised sheet metall ensure low defl ection and high loadbearing capacities.

Front ramps

  • For the removal of 4-way pallets such as CHEP UK or chemical pallets with a pallet jack.
  • Surface powder-coated or galvanised possible.

Manual release

  • Robust pedal for operating the separator rocking bar.
  • After the empty pallet has been removed the next pallet is released and conveyed to the picking position.


  • Efficient mechanics made of hot-rolled sectional steels.
  • Designed for high durability and high load cycles.

Adjustable feet

  • Height-adjustable supporting structure in the range of ± 25 mm to compensate for unevenness of the floor.

Idler rollers

  • Load bearing capacity up to 240 daN.
  • Surface protection: pre-galvanised.
  • Roller bearing design explicitly for high pallet pallet throughputs and durability.
  • Version also for deep-freeze area.

Bracket for inductive sensors

  • Safe monitoring of the separation through inductive sensors.

Brake roller

  • Speeds up to 0.35 m/s possible.
  • Version also for deep-freeze area.
  • Minimum weight per pallet down to 50 kg.
  • Maximum weight up to 1,200 kg possible.
  • Higher pallet weights on request.
  • Surface with friction coating or knurled design possible.
  • Surface protection: pre-galvanised.

Back stop device

  • Robust and movable back stop device.
  • Prevents pallets from being moved into the automatic area or other hazardous areas.

Collision protection construction

  • A robust support structure made of hot-rolled sectional steels protects the gravity conveyors with a higher unloading position from impacts by front stackers.

End stop

  • Robust construction.
  • Provides coverage of edges and other hazardous areas for safe picking.

Collision protection

  • Heavy collision protection for electric pallet jack.
  • Ultra-Heavy collision protection for electric pallet jacks enables uniform load distribution from impacts of the pallet jack.

Controlled separator

  • Selective opening and closing by an external signal.
  • No mechanical components (switching plate) in the area of the unloading device.
  • Use of very light pallets possible (under 100 kg).

Mechanical separator

  • Up to 20 tons and more of a ccumulation pressure possible.
  • Designed for high durability and high load cycles.

Access ramps

  • For more effi cient removal of the pallets.
  • Integrated mechanical end stop for pallet jacks.