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Teleskope Sleigh System (TSS)

The Telescope Sleigh System is a versatile storage system in which pallets are placed on robust carts equipped with wheels. This system allows the storage of a wide variety of load carriers, including those that cannot be used on roller conveyors.

The pallets are not moved by motors, instead forklifts and gravity take over this task. Telescopic Sleigh Systems are available for Last in - First out (LiFo) applications.

Advantages of Telescope Sleigh System
Compact, low design enables the execution of additional storage levels.
Two different designs available: • OF (open frame sleighs, up to 9 pallets deep) and • CF (closed frame sleighs, up to 5 pallets deep)
Compatible with all common rack systems.
Can be retrofitted into existing Drive-in and shuttle racking systems.
LIFO compatible with Euro pallets, CHEP pallets, Australian and Asian pallets, and many other and many other low quality load carriers.
Pallet weight possible from 20 to 1.500 kg.
Optimized safety > no forklift movements necessary in the rack.
Sleighs and rails were examined and dimensioned using the the FEM method.
Efficient handling - 30% faster than drive-in racking systems • Up to 70% space savings compared to conventional pallet racks • Each sleigh moves on its own rail • High process reliability • Easy operation
Teleskope Sleigh System (TSS) in detail

Connected Sleighs

  • All sleighs are connected to each other, which prevents the channel from blocking and ensures absolutely safe use.

Sleighs with wheels and wheel flanges

  • Diameter 60 mm
  • Width 22 mm
  • Secure hold due to welded wheel bolt
  • Ball bearing suitable up to -28°C

End stop

  • Welded end stop, on the lowest sleigh, provides optimum safety and hold for the load carriers.

Closed frame sleighs TSS CF

  • Create a continuous support surface, suitable for one-way pallets that are unsuitable for a TSS Open Frame.

Wide surface area

  • Provides sufficient clearance space during loading of the load carriers.
  • Reduces the deflection of the skids to reduce damaged pallets.

Fill level indicator

  • The lowest sleigh is in signal colour which indicates if there is still capacity available in the channel.
  • Option: Finish of all sleighs in different colours.

Lift-out protection

  • Each sleigh is equipped with an anti-lift device. This prevents the sleighs from jumping out of their tracks in the event of incorrect operation.

Robust sleighs

  • The shape and material thickness of the sleighs are designed to absorb impact loads during storage and retrieval operations.

Teleskope Sleigh System (TSS)